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Thank you for visiting the Café Mamajuana homepage! We are excited to use this website as an avenue to keep you updated on our progress as we transform Mamajuana into a full-fledged restaurant. If you haven’t been able to visit one of our pop-ups yet, don’t fret - we are on our way to securing a permanent space to bring you the best of the Dominican Republic’s cuisine and culture. Look forward to fresh smoothies, fried red snapper, empanadas, stuffed plantains, Dominican rum, fair trade Dominican coffee and more.



Good question! Mamajuana is the national libation of the Dominican Republic. It is prepared by soaking rum, red wine, and honey in a glass bottle with tree bark, herbs and spices— sort of like a Caribbean-style amaro. Mamajuana is rumored to be an aphrodisiac and is often consumed for its medicinal value. Enjoy it shaken or stirred into a cocktail or sip it on its own. Mamajuana is a Dominican staple that started as an herbal tea by native Taino Indians and evolved (Post-Columbus) into an alcoholic beverage. Our market stand will feature bottles of exclusively procured tree barks and herbs for infusing so that you can make your own flavor of Mamajuana at home!


our mission

Café Mamajuana hopes to connect the people of Burlington with Dominican, Afro-Caribbean and Spanish culture by using food as a vessel of tradition, nostalgia and identity. We want to keep our food affordable so that everybody can leave Café Mamajuana with a full belly, regardless of the size of their paycheck. Sourcing our ingredients and market products from ethical and sustainable sources, and buying local whenever we can, is top priority here at Mamajuana. We are lucky to live in a state where there are so many talented farmers and artisans to source from. Café Mamajuana is excited to grow and strengthen our relationship with the community, both vendors and patrons alike.